Frank Ocean is playing new music, with vocals, right now (Aug. 18). Tune in right here.

Original Story:

There was a notion, supported by Frank Ocean himself, that the reclusive singer was readying his new album, Boys Don't Cry, for a July 2016 drop. Well, July has come and gone and fans are no closer to a channel ORANGE follow-up, though Ocean has supplied another cryptic message, this time updating his website with a live stream video that shows workbenches in a large empty hall. The livestream is provided courtesy of Apple Music, with the space shown perhaps the location of some future concert or exhibit.

The stream does seem to be presenting some difficulties for Chrome users, though Safari and other browsers aren't experiencing the same issues. One reddit user today has identified it as a looped video art project by Francis Soriano.

As recently as July 12, Theophilus London provided an update on the album, tweeting out, "Can’t wait till that new Frank Ocean record drops soon! A Lil Birdy told me a secret last night.” Prior to that, Iamsu tweeted out that the singer’s album does not disappoint. “Thanks for letting me be apart of history bro! Worth the wait!” he wrote.

Ocean was as well featured in a recent Calvin Klein campaign, a minute long spot in which he expounds on the role of music in life, saying, “If you start a habit and you keep it up for four or five weeks and then you stop, you feel like you’re missing something in your day. That’s what music is for me. It feels like a necessary act.”

While details remain vague, it does seem as if things are converging around Ocean with a new album potentially dropping soon. Though we've heard that story once before.

One Twitter user has also identified the boombox on the far right of the live stream as an art piece by Tom Sachs. And if you don't want to watch the looped video all day, somebody ripped one of the instrumentals being played. Hear that below.

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