Reddit users have no chill. Some "fans" are so desperate for Frank Ocean's album Boys Don't Cry that they want to kidnap the singer's younger brother, Ryan Breaux, and hold him for ransom.

Boys Don't Cry is arguably the most anticipated album of the century thus far, and listeners were disappointed when Ocean failed to deliver the project on the expected release date of Aug. 5. But being disappointed is one thing – threatening to kidnap an artist's sibling is a whole different ballgame.

The New York Daily News discovered the Reddit thread in question. It started when one user wrote, "Guys I have the perfect idea. Why don't we just kidnap ryan and not give him back until frank drops the album?"

Breaux actually screenshotted the Reddit post and tweeted it out, adding his reaction, "BRUUH." Somebody replied that "this is getting dangerous," and Breaux answered, "I'm shook." Even if the Redditor made the post in jest, it's still a horrific joke. If you're that thirsty for music from Frank Ocean, check out all of his music in one place, including unreleased tracks and songs he's written for other artists.

If you're impatient about Frank's album, maybe Snapchat's new filters can help ease some of the pain. They recently dropped some hilarious ones that might make the time pass quicker.

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