A group of D.C. rappers affiliated with Fat Trel are in possession of Migos member Quavo's chain. A chain that was reportedly snatched during a club brawl in the country's capital. As previously reported, Migos performed at Stadium Club on Nov. 16. Afterwards they were approached by a group of men, and a fight broke out. Quavo's Quality Control piece was reportedly snatched during the melee and a picture of the pendent later showed up on nemesis Chief Keef's Instagram feed leading many to believe he may have commissioned the altercation. Now a group of southeast D.C. rappers known as Legg Team are flexing with Quavo's shines.

In a recent interview with RealTalkHipHop, the trio of Pablo, Donno and Splee show off what is purported to be two of Quavo's gold chains. "I don't see that one dangling. I don't see this one dangling no more," said Pablo in response to speculation that the chain was not taken. The crew didn't give a motivation for the incident and were mum on exactly what went down. But they had a message for other rappers with plans on coming to The District. "If you don't have a hood pass, you have to be a man in the heart," said Pablo. "Don't let nobody take your chain. A grown man will not let a nigga take his chain."

Check out the video, above.

[via RTHH]