Waka Flocka is looking to hire a professional blunt roller and is paying $50k a year for the job.

The BSM rapper took to his Instagram a few days ago and posted a picture with the captions: "IM PAYING 50k A YEAR FOR A BLUNT ROLLER…HASHTAG #ICANROLL"

Thousands of fans have been flooding Waka's Instagram feed and hashtagging #ICANROLL. Some are even taking to their very own Twitters and posting up images of their blunts or joints rolled up, and asking Waka for a chance to fill in the position of 'Blunt Roller.' Waka even had Canadian actor Seth Rogen reach out to him via social media with the hashtag.

It should be important to note that Waka's primary residence is in Atlanta, a state that is looking to legalize marijuana for recreational use for adults ages 21 or over.

It's unknown whether Waka hired anybody for the position at the moment, but we're sure the BSM rapper will be annoying the winner very soon since he is looking for someone 'ASAP' for the position.

Here are just some of the people who have hit up Waka looking for their next big break.