Young Cleveland rapper Ezri has been working hard to make his mark in rap under the tutelage of Nas. His latest video is "Satellite," a song from his 2017 debut EP, Be Right Back.

The Steven Capel Jr.-directed video starts with Ezri as a fast-food employee, mopping the floor and trying to get through his shift. A commotion forms outside; an unidentified flying object is streaking through the sky, suddenly making Ezri's responsibilities irrelevant. Eager to figure out what's going on, he hops in his car and gives chase, eventually finding out who's piloting the mysterious vehicle.

On the track, Ezri raps about trying to get closer to a woman who has caught his eye. "I gotta leave in a few hours/I only need about two hours/Imma make sure to bring through flowers/And Imma make sure that they too sour," he admits, trying to pin down some alone time. The hook is catchy, and is a clever use of the song's title: "I might just pull up in the night/Girl tell me where you tryna go/Fly through the hood like satellite."

Ezri released Be Right Back last October. Soon after, he sat down with XXL for an interview. Ezri shared where he'd like his career to go, and what he sees in his future. "My goal is to go down in history as a great," he said. "Not only just in music—I want music to propel me into everything that I want to do in life. My goal in music is to be referred to one of the greatest, for sure. That takes perfecting the craft and just working."

Check out Ezri's "Satellite" video below.

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