In true ambassador fashion, Brad “Scarface” Jordan used his Emeritus LP to aid his country’s economic challenges. After he stripped naked the well-endowed body of an unknown beauty to birth the soft porno that is his “High Note” video, ’Face’s message––less is more––rings nationally. The video’s true star, though, is the bouncing golden brown of 23-year-old Nevada native Vegas. The Black, Middle Eastern and Puerto Rican wildflower’s policies––pro-nudity, anti-regret (even after getting dumped)––made her a glove-fit for the role, as well as for this Q&A.

How on earth did you let a naked Scarface choke and hump you on camera?

[Laughs] Actually, during the sex scene, we both had on draws. That’s why the sheets are covering our bottoms. But I actually want to be on the big screen or have a show one day, so I can’t be camera shy.

So is choking and hair-pulling your preference in the bedroom?

Ask my cutty buddy! [Laughs] Joke! Not choking, but I’m down for everything else!

What do you say to the chicks hating on you for doing the video?

Let me quote Marilyn Monroe: “A well-behaved woman never makes history.” [Laughs] It’s funny, because a lot of the girls that came at me negative are big sluts, fuckin’ everybody, havin’ abortions left and right. I’m always going to be classy. And like in the video, a lady in the streets, a freak in the bed. But whether it’s hate or love, I appreciate it all, ’cause my haters are my fans.

So is it true that your boyfriend dumped you after seeing the video?

Yes. We were already having issues with long distance, ’cause he lives in New Orleans. He plays for the Saints. But I don’t need anyone who doesn’t support me. He should trust me, especially with the shit I go through with him––[NFL players] are the biggest hoes! Marvin [Mitchell] is a great guy, though. We’re just better off as homies. Kanye’s “Heartless” is my anthem right now.-Bonsu Thompson

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