You only get one chance to make a first impression. So for our 2009 Eye Candy jump-off, XXL brings you sexiness that’s best described as arresting. Lil Wayne concurs, having hired 22-year-old Floridian Tammy Torres to play “Mrs. Officer” in his latest video. The sight of the 5-foot-3-inch Cuban’s T&A squeezed into a police uniform provided folks with the hood version of Beyoncés “If I Were a Boy.” But there’s nothing masculine about Tammy, and one look at this mami’s rubbery flexibility––thanks to Jesus and years of dancing and yoga––and your manhood will be reaffirmed. Winter ’09 just turned even more brick.

Exactly how did you land the lead role in Lil Wayne’s “Mrs. Officer” video?

I was asked by Mr. Carter himself if I’d be interested. Wayne’s a good friend of mine from a few years ago––we live on the same block in South Beach––so he called me back in, like, September and asked. I absolutely loved the song, so I was more than happy to accept his offer.

Your petite, 5-foot-3-inch height must’ve played a part in your landing the lead. But what do you feel is the sexiest part of your body?

Ummm, that’s a good one. I have a few parts I feel are extremely sexy, but my favorite is my thighs. Thickness always helps!

Valentine’s Day is coming up. What is the V-Day fantasy of a hot Latina such as yourself?

All I can think of is rose petals, chocolate-covered strawberries, a hot tub, and that someone, of course.

Man, that was boring. Okay, let’s try to give the Eye Candy faithful something else. You exhibited some pretty impressive flexibility during your photo shoot. What’s the wildest way you’ve been stretched during sex?

[Giggles] Well, I’ve been practicing my yoga, so I definitely got some moves. I can pretty much be folded up to your wildest expectations. So I’m going to say a split, and leave it at that. [Laughs]-Bonsu Thompson

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