She did it different, did it better, did it nice, did the impossible, and then did it twice. Who else could we have crowned—again?

It’s 5 a.m., and I’m being kidnapped by the self-proclaimed “baddest bitch” in hip-hop. Despite having club-hopped around Manhattan, consumed liters of alcohol (Remy for this gent/Ace of Spade for the lady) and devoured an orgasmic breakfast, Angel wants to extend our Monday night (which is now early Tuesday). She’s ready for her Eye Candy of the Year Q&A but insists that we talk as comfortable as possible. Like at her temporary residence in New Jersey comfortable. So now we’re strapped into a Bentley GT gunning toward Palisades, N.J. (approximately 20 minutes outside of NYC). It’s one of those special nights. I can see it in the skyline zipping by. Angel says she can smell it in the air. Maybe it’s just that we’re both inebriated. One thing’s for sure, though, the remaining hours until p.m. are gonna be pretty interesting.

Okay, so we’re both pretty tipsy.
Tipsy? Shit, I’m fucked up.

So let’s keep it all the way real. I remember we were talking on South Beach earlier this year, and you were so consumed with taking it to the next level...
Never mind thinking beyond the average bitch, I think beyond the average dude. I’ve always compared myself to dudes. As much as I’m infatuated with Beyoncé, I don’t idolize Beyoncé. I idolize Jay-Z.

The year’s two most anticipated albums were Kanye’s and 50 Cent’s. You were in the videos for both of their most important singles, ’Ye’s “Good Life” and Fif’s “I Get Money.” Which album did you prefer?
I went out and bought both of ’em.

That’s not what I asked you, Angel. I know you didn’t kidnap me in the middle of the night to bullshit me.
[Laughs] You’re not gonna get that answer out of me. [You’re not] ending my career.

Wayne said he hit on Trey Songz’ girl, but she refused him. There was a rumor you were dating Trey. Ever meet Wayne?
Never. Trey is my homie, but he does have a girl. She’s [also] Ethiopian, so I guess they get us twisted. But I’ve never fucked with Trey, and I would never fuck with Wayne. He’s just my favorite rapper.

When was the last time you approached a guy you were interested in?
I never did that. Every dude I ever dealt with I’ve been in a relationship with.

So you’ve never slept with a guy that wasn’t your man?

You’re fuckin’ lying.
Okay, I have, but we were messing with each other for a minute. It wasn’t like a one-night stand.

Are you ever gonna address people’s allegations that your body is fake?
My body causes controversy, and controversy sells. I refuse to answer it because, if I give the answer, who’s gonna question it and talk? This is what makes people create whole blogs on me. Every time they make up a blog, that’s another page when you Google “Angel Lola Love.”

So what makes you hotter than every other video vixen out there?
A lot of ’em don’t get far, because they want the wrong things—they want the fame, without getting the accomplishments. The accomplishments aren’t their first priority. I’m far from these industry bitches. If I’m not modeling, I’m back in D.C., on the block with my pajamas on and no makeup. I just might be the realest.


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