Despite the global success of slept-on pillows like Jonah Hill, Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco, nerds are still in need of national security. With that in mind, we’ve decided to empower Laura Dore—the next in-vogue vixen—as the official guardian of all geeks and late bloomers. Born in Austin, Texas, the 34C-23-40 powerhouse has been visible in the visuals for Slim Thug’s “Theme Song (Hoggs on the Grind),” Yeezy’s “Amazing” and Jamie Foxx’s “Digital Girl.” Away from the camera, the 25-year-old is a layered book incapable of being judged by her stunning design. Her nude complexion and NASCAR curves may contradict themselves as much as her outer pinup girl and inner horror-movie geek, but it all makes Laura such a fascinating read.

You’ve said you’re “made up of damn near every major ethnicity.” Care to elaborate?

Both of my parents are mixed, so I’m a mixture of Black, Latina and White. I’m actually adopted and never met my biological parents. I always got picked on ’cause I looked different from the other kids.

What on earth would they pick on you for?

Everything! I was curvier and thicker than everybody else, with this crazy hair. My adopted parents were White, and they didn’t know what to do with [my] hair, so they would just keep cutting it off. [I] had an Afro ’til, like, middle school. I was really an ugly kid.

Your Web site is conceptualized around horror. Is there an evil side to Laura?

[Laughs] I am a horror-movie fanatic. I love blood and guts! My site will have areas based around fetishes… I actually just started burlesque dancing… So my site will have traditional pictures, a fetish section, burlesque pinup, and then [my alter ego] Sweetie Cyanide, which will be kind of pinup but a little crazier—like, [me posing] in a blood-filled bathtub.

How much of this is reflected in your personal life? Like, are you into domination?

Ummm, I’m definitely not the dominant one. If somebody was gonna get tied up, it would be me. —Bonsu Thompson

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