In this historical election year, few women campaigned harder than Senator Hillary Clinton and, ummm…Dollicia Bryan. While Ms. Bryan didn’t face an opponent as colossal as Hill’s, her anointment was earned less through opposition and more through achievement (Lil Wayne’s “Got Money” and Kanye’s “Love Lockdown” videos, the movie Dough Boys, starring Reagan Gomez and Wood Harris, the cover of King, etc.). Now that the crowning is complete, let’s sit back and watch this doll-faced politician blow her own curvaceous horn. Speech!

Since you doggedly campaigned for Eye Candy of the Year, tell us why you feel more entitled than the other 2008 Candies?

There really weren’t too many major videos or girls this year. If I didn’t shoot [for Eye Candy of the Year], who was going to? Wayne is one of [the] biggest rappers, and he held up my King cover on his personal blog site. I was the gold fantasy girl on Kanye’s Glow in the Dark tour, and I did an Absolut Vodka commerical with him this year. Not many girls get the opportunity to work with an artist three times.

There was a little drama this year between yourself and Bow Wow on radio and through video. Are we correct for assuming your ideal man is over 5 feet 5 inches and 140 pounds?

[Laughs] Understatement! [Laughs]

You were all over the Net in pictures from the set of the “Love Lockdown” video shoot, but you’re barely visible in it. Did you make fun of Kanye’s singing or something?

No. Videos get edited. I have no control over it. They made me too tribal-looking, instead of the look he wanted for his video, which was supposed to be more on the sexy side. So I didn’t make the edit.

So what’s your plan to avoid becoming just another forgotten vixen this time next year?

I always challenge myself, so next year I’m focusing on films, commercials and branding. One thing that’s constant in life is change... Nothing is concrete. See you in ’09, baby! -Bonsu Thompson