Okay, for those who don’t understand coded female proportions, allow me to clarify. The cup size is D. The waist, measuring in at 22 inches, is crazy enough, but when you factor in that it’s partnered with a size-40 bass line, you’ve just reached religious regions. If you’ve only seen numbers move like this on Wonder Showzen, then you’ll probably label the approaching statement cliché, but this type of proportion can only be a product of heaven. Angel is her name (told you!). Well, it’s actually her nickname and her last name. Sort of. (Born in Ethiopia to a native mom and a Trinidadian Dad, her last name, Melaku, means angel in Amharic, a language spoken in her native country.) But the point is she might be the most irresistible female you’ve ever seen in your life. “I’ve needed a bodyguard way before I was anybody,” says Washington D.C.’s best national offering. “Sometimes [the attention] gets irritating. There are certain things I can’t do because guys just won’t let me be. I can’t even go to the club.”

Angel can’t go to the club because she’s a kidnapped-till-the-cops-come-knockin’ target on any given morning, noon or night. Think 2007 Lola Falana with flesh luscious enough to break faith and morality with a single snap. At only 19, the walking seduction is currently taking over the video scene. To her amazement, in just two months, she has starred in Lloyd Banks’ “Hands Up” and “Cake” visuals, Busta’s “In the Ghetto” and Young Buck’s “I Know You Want Me.” “I didn’t think in six months I’d be where I am,” she says. “I’m sure there’s a bunch of models who’ve been working for years and they still haven’t gotten the love that I’ve gotten. So I’m taking advantage of this.”

eyecandy2.jpg But how far would Ms. God-Given go while climbing Mount Model? Does this live animation have in her as much hustle as she does phenomena? With copper-tinted skin, a streaming Honolulu do, edible lips, military-still breasts (which she swears are real) and a backyard bigger than a slave master’s, Angel could make a living off nude modeling alone. Having already been offered the opportunity, she says it’s not the time. “If I was established in the industry and Hef came to me with a million or better, I would pose. But, even then, I would keep my bottom on.”

I know what you pervs are wondering, and I’m here to supply the answer: Yes, Angel is single. Although she’s not looking (as if she has to), she does have an idea of her ideal type. He’s attractive, with confidence, style, drive and a little hood in him. But drive slow, homie. Your Ms. Perfect isn’t necessarily a Ms. Goody Two-Shoes. Angel lets it be known that she’s an “unpredictable” Scorpio whose insanity isn’t just skin-deep. “I can get crazy,” she warns. “I’m far from an angel, so I’m not trying to be one.” And that, fellas, isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Amen.
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November 2006 issue (#86)

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