Flatbush Zombies may have made a huge splash as a group, but their beatmaker Erick the Architect has become known for flexing his production chops and creating some of the industry’s hottest beats. He recently took fans inside the lab for Mass Appeal’s “Rhythm Roulette" to create a beat from three random samples on the spot. Let's just say the kid is talented.

The episode begins with Erick in BK at Human Head Records. He takes a tour around the store shopping for vintage records from Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross and other classics we’ve heard sampled on various hip-hop tracks. He copped three vinyls including, Rest In Peace Michael Jackson, Amnesty’s Free Your Mind, and a Gaye and Ross mash-up.

One hand delegated for puffing on a joint and the other manning the computer, Erick strategically blends the main piano keys from “I Am Love” by Superfine with the Amnesty joint and a Gaye/Ross track together for one hot soulful beat.

Back in 2013 Erick chopped it up with XXL and broke down the difference between his own music and that of Flatbush Zombies. “My story comes from a lot of fucking pain and I feel like The Zombies’ music is more juxtaposed to that,” he said. “It’s not really about pain, it’s about an ideology of life. That’s the difference.”

Since he’s been doing it for a while now it appears seamless, but in actuality it takes a keen ear and accurate basic mathematics skills to achieve the perfect beat. You can see in the video he had a few audio mishaps during the process, but what producer hasn't?  Nevertheless the end result was official. Check him out in action above.

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