Here's your shot to be discovered.

With the new XXL App Ready or Not now at well over 10,00 downloads, we're ready to start putting the music to the test. Each month, will enlist three industry insiders to listen to and rate the user freestyles which are recorded on the App and uploaded to Throughout April, hip-hop tastemakers DJ Drama, Dru
Ha of Duck Down Music and senior VP of A&R at Island Def Jam Recordings Sha Money XL will assess these aspiring artists and their music.

Check out Dru Ha's thoughts on 10 of the recent submissions below, and be sure to follow him (@druha) and Duck Down Music (@duckdownmusic) on Twitter. Are you ready or not?

1. Kaspa, "Fire Until the End"
Overall: M
Fooled me—didn't think you were a "cracker". It's a positive that you're not a convicted felon, although uncertain if unconvicted is a word? At 17, glad to see you know your history with the ode to Thug Life and Pac. Check your vocab and make sure to pronounce all your words clearly.

2. Stone, "Freestyle"
Overall: M
I think you were really freestyling, so props for that. But fam, silence the baby! Don't quit your day job.

3. Mark Z, "Off the Heezy"
Overall: S
Next time take the full 30 seconds. Unless you’re S-N-Double-O-P, no need to spell at your rhymes.

4. Detta, "Gone in 30 Seconds"
Overall: L
Nice flow and word play. I like what you gave us in 30 seconds.

5. Bronxson

Overall: L
Unique voice, which is always a plus. Got a lot of intricate rhymes within the time limit, but knowing it was 30 seconds, you got to find a way to wrap it up stronger. Advanced flow, though.

6. Steve-J, "Life"
Overall: S
You must have been high! What you smoking on!!!? Put some energy into it. Don't you know you're on

7. 8Man the Prince, "Just an Intro"
Overall: S
I see you went with the "drop." Always good to promote yourself, but you never know if you get that second chance. Name of the game is Ready or Not, and you were not.

8. Mac Miller, "Freestyle"
Overall: L
Wow. I can see why he made the Freshmen Cover. I hear the hunger and attitude. his is being ready and going in for the full 30 seconds. Love the energy and flow.

9. BuffLord, "Monster"
Overall: L
Um, not sold on the stage name, but very creative play off “Monster.” Good use of the time.

10. AMG Spit 5
Overall: M
Nothing spectacular, but safe and steady. Wouldn't mind hearing you step it up a notch. The Southwest is a big territory, where you from?!