In the video above, a drunk guy in Jacksonville, Fla. runs into R. Kelly next to a Nathan's hot dog stand and thinks the R&B singer is an imposter. The hammered, shirtless man is so convinced it isn't Kells that he bets $100 he can outsing the legendary Chicago artist.

As you can imagine, it doesn't turn out so well when a nobody on the street challenges one of the most acclaimed musicians of the past 25 years. R. Kelly gladly accepts the wager and belts out the intro to his 1994 hit, "Bump 'N Grind," which he wrote and produced himself.

At this point, the intoxicated, Black and Mild-smoking, North Carolina native is still not convinced he's standing next to the real R. Kelly. "Still ain't R. Kelly," he tells the camera. It's clear Kells is amused as he interjects, "Oh, shit! This muthafucka drunk as hell." Faded guy's turn to sing is up next, and he proceeds to deliver a simultaneously cringeworthy and hilarious rendition of "Bump 'N Grind."

At the end of the clip, unnamed drunk guy still won't pay up. R. Kelly's staff pesters him for the money for a few seconds before letting it go.

Kells is still churning out quality music at the age of 49. In case you've been sleeping, check out his "Back to Sleep" Remix with Chris Brown, Tank and Anthony Hamilton. Also be sure to peep his collaboration with fellow Chi-town artists Chance the Rapper and Jeremih on "Somewhere in Paradise," and cop his latest album, The Buffet. If you still can't get enough Kells, listen to him sing about his own life for 45 minutes in a GQ profile.

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