Looking to continue to build upon the success of his smash hit "Snapbacks & Tattoos," Driicky Graham offers his new full length project, Ya Gotta Start Somewhere.

The New Jersey born, North Carolina-bred MC begins his project with plenty of energy with the title joint "Ya Gotta Start Somewhere." Graham makes it a point to showcase his flow and the ability to switch up his tempo throughout the track, exhibiting the skills of a solid MC. The up and comer seems able to package his own and other expierences into catchy music, and when he focuses on those types of tracks, his star shines brightest on this project. Conceptually, the young, wild and free MC stays within that lane and creates music that many young fans will enjoy.

The turnt up Tar Heel does an apt job picking beats that exemplify the live, enegetic feel of the DJ ill Will-hosted mixtape. One of the standout beats is produced by Twan Da Beatmaker, as "Dial Tone" combines the sound of a dial tone of a phone with a live bass that is sure to arouse any listener. Producer Feva blesses the project on "Fresher Than Fresh" with a catchy sample choice, combining the sound of a bicyle bell, the swish sound of a basketball net, bass and a sharp snare.

Graham shows a gift for creating catchy choruses in this project, showing strong song formation with songs like "Don't Make Me Do It." There are times that his approach becomes cliched, though (which could be said about the very essence of "Snapbacks & Tattoos," regardless of its popularity). "S.O.S.," which stands for "swagger on site," comes off a bit lazy, and "Pay Up" doesn't do much better.

Even the project's valley's come off bouncy and fun. With Ya Gotta Start Somewhere, Driicky Graham is suggesting that he's got enough talent to be more than a one hit wonder. The place he's starting seems to be a pretty good one. —Christian Mordi @mordi_thecomeup