A DRAM show in College Station, Texas took a strange turn on Friday night (March 22), when the rapper/crooner exited the venue mid-way through his show to go on a store run.

Video of the incident shows the Virginia entertainer rolling up to a corner store with his security and what looks like hundreds of people in tow. He strolls up to the register and requests cigars from the cashiers, some of whom have pulled out their cell phones to take footage. Hilariously, DRAM still has the cordless mic in his hand from his show and is barking directions into the device.

"Bro, if you need some weed, I got you," one fan announces. Another pressed concertgoer presses his chest up against the rapper during the confusion. DRAM exits the store to a sea of humanity and cell phone camera flashes. The whole scene is insane. It is unclear if he returned to perform following his store run. He posted video of the hectic scene on his Instagram and Twitter pages along with the caption, "Last night in College Station was lit...had to run to the store during the show to get more backwoods✨."

DRAM is working on the follow-up to his 2016 debut album Big Baby DRAM. In December, he promised fans he would be coming out with his sophomore LP this year.

Check out footage of DRAM's insane store run in the middle of his performance below.

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