Dougie F is taking it back to his Block Party EP for a new music video. The New Jersey rapper puts the EP standouts "Wilson Place" and "From the Mud" together for a new music video. The video kicks off with a young child shopping in a corner store while "Wilson Place" acts as a soundtrack.

"Just pay respect, feel that’s the only thing left/I’m trying to have my own day before I lay to rest/That’s why I don’t get no rest/And that’s why they know that I’m next," Dougie F raps.

The visual transitions into "From the Mud" where Dougie F gets an impressive turnout for the video shoot. The rapper is joined by huge group of people who are gathered for a block party. "From the Mud" shows off a singing style which could help Dougie F connect in other genres as he intends to do.

"I’m not just honed in on hip-hop," Dougie F told XXL. "I want to tap into other genres. My goal in music is like, show the versatility to be able to travel international and perform music in front of people that don’t even speak the language and have them rapping the words back to me."

Check out XXL's entire interview with Dougie F for some insight on his come-up in the rap game, how J. Cole inspired him and on his days as a high school basketball player.

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