"Fresh Off The Boat," ABC's 90s set sitcom based on Eddie Huang's memoirs by the same name, has a heavy hip-hop influence. Danny Brown raps the show's title music, and the character of Eddie sports rap shirts that would make any hip-hop head jealous.

In last night's episode, when young Eddie asks his dad for a job, he's referred to a help wanted ad posted by a family new to the neighborhood. Imagine Eddie's surprise then when a baby-carrying DMX opens the door. Eddie helps X around the house, joking that the rapper looks older in person. "Fatherhood ages you," X says. Through the episode, titled "We Done Son," Eddie tells DMX about his girl troubles and is invited out to DMX's greenhouse — where he stores is rare and exotic orchards — to chill. There, DMX schools Eddie to the secrets of an effective relationship and drives him to gift one of the orchards in Cadillac ElDorado. As Eddie echos, "DMX helped me realize, it's not about presents, it's about presence."

X displayed expert comic timing throughout the episode, and it's good to see the troubled rapper back to work. He was last arrested in late October for failing to make child support payments.