DJ Premier and Royce Da 5'9" were gracious enough to take time out to join the Reddit community for their "Ask Me Anything" series. The two discussed future projects, a potential follow up to PRhyme, Preem's relationship with The Notorious B.I.G., Royce's worst jobs and much, much more.

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Premier, any truth to the rumors that you produced a song for Tupac Shakur while he was signed to Death Row Records?

Premier--I never Produced with 2Pac but I have a song for whenever I need to use it on Acapella. One day It will come out when I put a beat to it.

Royce - can we expect another Bad Meets Evil album in the future?

You never know -Nickle-

What's up! Do you guys have any favorite songs off your own album?

Premier--My favorite is "U Looz" and "You Should Know"

Royce, who was your biggest inspiration growing up?

There were many.. Cool J was a huge one -Nickle-

Premo & Royce. First off, thanks so much for working together and breathing some life into hip hop. A couple questions:

  • 1) what's a short back story as to how you guys linked up to doing Phryme
  • 2) what was the biggest challenge working together? (Logistics, scheduling, styles)
  • 3) Were you surprised that this happened? It's been a long time since the release of "Boom"
  1. Mike Herrard who works at Shady brought the idea to us for a Slaughterhouse EP of 5 songs...After scheduling everyone was taking too long, Royce and I decided to do it together and that turned it into a full LP.
  2. The biggest challenge for me was Producing a full LP with ONLY sampling Adrian Younge's catalog of music. But Royce convinced me to give it a chance. I am happy that I took the chance to do something different. Now we have PRhyme December 9th. 2
  3. I'm not surprised, "STREET HOP" was supposed to kind be a full LP but we have made it now.

Eh Prem! Why dont rap producers remix ish anymore? What can we do to bring the remix back?

Word Right? I've done a few for Sam Smith and I did a Disclosure Remix for "Latch"....We will be dropping some PRhyme Remixes with special guests.

What was it like when you found out that your music was going to be featured in Grand Theft Auto III? Did you have any clue that the game would become such a huge success?

Also, do you have any advice for an up and coming rap group?

I had a feeling the game was gonna be huge.. I actually got a first look at it and was honored... My only advice would be to believe in yourself.. Thats most important -Nickle-

Preemo! I'm an 80's baby, born/raised in NY (Queens!) and so I'm a huge fan of that grimey, gritty, heavy bass beats that were prevalent back in the 90's. My question is, do you think that kind of sound will ever make a come back? Or do you think that particular sound had its time and it's no longer as relevant in today's hip hop culture?

Shit ! that's what I still do. There should be hundreds more of me doing the same thing. There's no excuse to ignore the sound of New York and you come from the birthplace of Hip Hop Culture. Do what you love, not what is trending

Is there an album that you feel influenced you time & time again?

Life after Death.. It was Written and The Blueprint

Are the rumours true about your beef with Biggie? And if so what was it about?

me and Big never had beef. There was some issues regarding one of my artists Jeru The Damaja but that got taken care of

Did that all come about from One Day?

Can you touch on what caused the split between yourself and Jeru? His music has never been the same without you.

Premier--"One Day" did spark the controversy. I went thru the motions but all is well and me and BIG cleared it up before he died. Plus BIG was NEVER called out on that record at all. speculation can sometimes lead to the wrong point getting across. As for Jeru, he and I are totally fine. We split over a business decision. We are gonna work this year on some new stuff

How do you prepare to make an album?

Take a deep breath and just start writing -Nickle-

Hey Royce and Preme! Great job with the album, especially getting it done and out so quickly. Will there perhaps be a sequel? (You knew someone was going to ask.) Royce, what do you think your greatest strengths and weaknesses are as an emcee?

Also, for Preme - what is the status of the other collaborations you are said to have in the works - especially the one with Pete Rock which I have been looking forward to for YEARS.

Premier--We have talked about doing a sequel but we will see later down the line after this one comes out. As for the Pete Rock Album, we are doing a single in January to start the project. He is producing half of it and I am doing the other half.

Royce, how has working with Eminem now changed from how it was back in the Slim Shady LP days?

We've both grown as people and as artists so we push each other a little more lyrically these days -Nickle-

Royce, did anyone get their ass beat for misspelling your legal name on the back cover of Death Is Certain?

Nah lol -NIckle-

DJ Premier: What's it like working with Royce?

Royce: What's it like working with Premo? (Loved Vegas, you go in.)

Premier--Working with Royce is always easy. He is a perfectionist and so am I. We never have a dull moment ever. Chemistry is key to great records being made and we have that.

What's one thing no one would expect about yourself?

Premier--That I am a huge Rock & RoLL fan. I know my shit and I go to many many many concerts...Genesis, Van Halen, AC/DC, Rush, Iron Maiden, The Police, Ozzy Osbourne, Motley Crue....

Royce, who was your idol growing up?

Sugar Ray Leonard -Nickle-

When is glasshouse coming out?

2015 fa sure -Nickle-

Dj Premier, I assume you have one of the dopest record collections ever. What are some of your personal favorite vinyls you own?

Premier-- My David Axelrod LP's, all of my Jackson 5 Albums, James Brown, Parliament, Ohio Players, Curtis Mayfield, Al Green, Willie Hutch, Aretha Franklin, Luther Vandross, MAZE, Minnie Ripperton, Earth, Wind & Fire, Barry White, Henry Mancini, sooooooomany more...

What's the worst job you've ever had?

I worked at 7-11, Oil Dispatch and a department store all at the same time -Nickle-

Hey Premier, I’m a huge fan! I was inspired to start producing hip-hop beats after listening to your music for a long time. Do you have any advice for upcoming producers who are starting out?

Study the great ones that have a long history of greatness under their belt. You must study just like Football and Basketball players study film. This is a professional business It is fun but MUST be taken serious in order to place yourself amongst us.

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