A few years ago, Miguel had some recording sessions with DJ Premier, but none of their work showed up on his Wildheart album. One of the tracks left on the cutting room floor was "2 Lovin U," a song DJ Premier released last month. Now he's dropped a video.

The new visual for "2 Lovin You" finds Miguel roaming about what appears to be a warehouse as DJ Premier rocks the turntables in the background. Throughout the vid, we see different couples embracing as bright bolts of light bounce around the darkness. The lights also intermittently illuminate Premier's turntables.

The visual is a great accompaniment for Miguel's delicately powerful vocals and Premier's stellar work on the instrumental--which features bits of his signature scratches. The song itself finds Miguel singing about his undying affection for his love--something that he's "damned" to.

On the hook for the song, Miguel sings, "When the gavel hit the stand/I’m damned of loving you/Two palm trees in the sand/I’m damned of loving you now/We set fire to these skies for our love and I’d do it all again/I’m damned of loving you,” Miguel sings.

As we mentioned before, DJ Premier's cut with Miguel was originally supposed to be on Miguel's Wildheart LP. In a press release, Premier touched on the origin of his version of the song, which was actually an earlier version of Miguel's Wildheart cut, "Damned."

“The snippet you heard on Miguel’s Instagram, mine is the original,” the Houston producer said around the time "2 Lovin U" was released as a single. “Miguel and I were vibing at a session and just really seeing what we could come up with. What we came up with was a dope, but rough version of what you hear today. Miguel and I had deadlines and we never got around to finishing it. We both really believed in this version of the track and we both felt very strongly that it needed to come out and be released as a single. Miguel and I approached the label about releasing it and everyone was on-board.”

You can see the new visual for "2 Lovin U" below.

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