North Carolina's Deniro Farrar returns this month with a new six-track EP titled Red Book Vol. 1. The new project is Farrar's follow-up to the Mind of a Gemini EP he dropped in June. Like that project, this new offering is similarly without features. Contrast both with his Cliff of Death II EP, released in June of 2015 and featuring Duru Tha King, Tune, Gucci Mane, Nacho Picasso and Mack Shine, and it's clear the Charlotte native is forging forward with independence.

The series is based on the literature of the Black Panthers and inspired by the current times we're living in. "My inspiration for my Red Book EP was the current state of the world and our people," Farrar tells XXL. "I feel we are lacking a lot of the fundamental tools we need in order to revolutionize. I just want to liberate the minds of the people so that we can come together as one and rise up against the crooked government, all evil and oppression."

On the guitar-driven "Going Down," the MC takes you through a day in his life. "I'm always gettin' home when the sun up/I be at the spot where it's goin' down/From the East Coast and California, I be with them niggas that say, 'Run your town,'" he spits on the hook.

As for what Farrar has in store for the new year, the rapper says he will continue to move on the path he's started. "My next move going into 2017 is to continue to align with the God in me and create the music that's in my soul to make," he says. "With that being said, more music, videos, shows and staying active in the community."

The first two visuals to come from the Red Book project are "Going Down" and "Mankind." Look out for those videos to drop in the near future.

Listen to the new EP below via SoundCloud and check out the tracklist. Deniro Farrar's Red Book Vol. 1 drops Dec. 9.

Deniro Farrar's Red Book Vol. 1 tracklist

1. "Intro"
2. "Gentrification"
3. "Going Down"
4. "Where I Come From"
5. "Mankind (Interlude)"
6. "Stuck With Me"

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