Da$h has been pretty quiet in 2016, outside of telling his crazy story about knocking out SpaceGhostPurrp. Now, it appears that he's ready to get back to releasing new music. The New Jersey rapper just dropped a music video for his new single "Grade A." The trippy visuals, directed by Aboveground, do a good job at complementing the intensity of Da$h's lyrics.

"Been in corners, burning bridges, breaking bitches/All tryna duck a sentence too/Young and troubled dubbed the pinnacle/Getting who, trey eight on the physical/Snub turn your brain to noodle soup/Came to show these niggas who is who/Packs that I flew and sold to school, Grade A," Da$h raps.

The Jersey MC unleashes some slick rhymes throughout the track, but he truly impresses with the closing bars.

"All facts, got some niggas serving life times/Cause most of y'all niggas all rats/Observe from the top, blowing pot, sipping drop/And I swear I ain't lonely now that my demons my homies/I swear if they could they would clone me/Completing the mission my flow is forbidden/I swear you too big for your britches/I'm fucking their bitches/I'm from the era where your banging, you giving out stitches," Da$h raps.

"Grade A" will appear Da$h's Loose Skrew EP, which does not have a release date at this time. XXL will keep you posted on the project as more information is revealed in the coming weeks. You should expect to see the EP drop in early 2017.

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