As they continue to increase their buzz in the music community, 6 Dogs and Danny Wolf team up together to drop their new 6 Wolves mixtape. The artist and producer duo delivered the new project last week (May 4), which features a total of seven new tracks.

While the entire 6 Dogs project is produced by Danny Wolf, the DJ also received some assistance from other beat-makers including Cosmic, Otxhello, Dilip, Pretty Pacc and more. While a lot of the spotlight stays on 6 Dogs, there is one track titled "Drink Up" that has a guest feature from Yung Bans.

As 6 Dogs works hard to prove himself as a star on the rise, Danny continues to be noted as a go-to beatsmith for Hoodrich Entertainment. The 21-year-old, who used to be an intern for the company, previously revealed to XXL last year that he has only been producing beats since he was 17 years old.

"I was an intern for Hoodrich Entertainment. Hoodrich Pablo was actually the first person to hop on my beats," he revealed. "I was like 17 years old and I had met up with another artist in the studio. And then Pablo came busting through the door—you know, Pablo’s Pablo—and I was like, "I like your energy. That’s what I want on my music." And he told me to load up a beat and I did and he just went in and made stuff for his first Designer Drugz, his first mixtape. And then he made the song 'J Money.' And I remember I called my manager like, “Sign this guy, he’s going to blow!” And we’ve just been down since then. I’ve been on all his tapes so far, Designer DrugzDesigner Drugz 2, I’m gonna be on 3 and then of course we have Hood Wolf coming out."

Take a listen to 6 Wolves from 6 Dogs and Danny Wolf below and be sure to check out the full tracklist.

6 Dogs and Danny Wolf's 6 Wolves Tracklist

1. "Full Throttle" [Prod. by Danny Wolf and Otxhello]
2. "Think A Lot" [Prod. by Danny Wolf and Cosmic]
3. "Scar" [Prod. by Danny Wolf and PrettyPacc]
4. "Drink Up" Featuring Yung Bans [Prod. by Danny Wolf, Otxhello and Dilip]
5. "Geeksum" [Prod. by Danny Wolf and Dilip]
6. "Sedated" [Prod. by Danny Wolf, Otxhello and Cosmic]
7. "Two - Twenty7" [Prod. by Danny Wolf and Dilip]

Interscope/Mad Love
Interscope/Mad Love

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