A DaBaby fan recently got a hard lesson in why not to jump on stage while an artist is performing.

The incident reportedly took place on Wednesday (July 31), according to a TMZ report published on Saturday (Aug. 3). It went down at the Val Air Ballroom in Des Moines, Iowa. The celebrity news site reports the overzealous fan jumped on the stage during the 2019 XXL Freshman's performance and tried to get video with the rapper on his phone.

According to witnesses, the man was swiftly pushed backstage by security. That's where the attack started. In video of the incident, the offender can be seen getting roughed up by at least two men who are throwing punches. DaBaby enters the room and looks on from a distance. It is not known whether the people serving the man were security for the rapper or the venue. No police report was filed concerning the altercation.

The North Carolina rapper is already facing litigation for a similar incident. This past May, alleged members of the rapper's crew viciously assaulted a local rapper prior to a show in Massachusetts.

That incident happened at Centro Nightclub in Lawrence, Mass. The opening act, Don Trag, reportedly got angered when he was turned down for a photo with DaBaby. He started verbally abusing the rapper and allegedly hit one of the artist's security during his tirade, which sparked the fight. The beating ended up leaving Trag in a coma but he eventually recovered.

XXL has reached out to DaBaby's reps for comment on the most recent situation.

See video of a DaBaby fan getting pummeled by security below.

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