D.R.A.M. released his debut album Big Baby D.R.A.M. last month, with features from Lil Yachty, Young Thug and Erykah Badu, but based on the above behind-the scenes video, it looks like he worked with rock royalty as well. In the minute-long clip, D.R.A.M., Neil Young and The Social Experiment can all be seen at Rick Rubin's Shangri-La Studios, though the fruits of their session didn't make it onto D.R.AM.'s album.

The Virginia singer spoke to Brooklyn Magazine about working with Young, saying he as well got to meet George Clinton. "I worked on one of his records, he worked on one of my records," he said of collaborating with Young. "It was really, really cool, man. I mean, a guy from the old school, like, a real, Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Famer. Just embracing my take on music, my sound, and the fact that I’m able to collaborate with someone so legendary, from a whole 'nother side of the spectrum… it’s monumental. It’s one of those real defining moments, like, ‘you’re really out here.’"

Below meanwhile is a photo of Donnie Trumpet and Young working on music for D.R.A.M. from a studio converted out of an old Bob Dylan tour bus. What those tracks sound like or where they'll wind up remains to be determined, but the footage is a great representation of the way in which D.R.A.M.'s music can transcend genre. The potential collaborations ahead of his seem, at this point, infinite.

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