Cyhi The Prynce's debut album is finally going to drop. The Atlanta rapper went on social media today (Feb. 7) to announce that his No Dope on Sunday LP will be released this spring or summer.

"Heeeyyyy!!!! It's time guys I will be releasing my debut album #NoDos this spring/summer," Cyhi wrote. "I appreciate all the support threw out the years now it's time to show the world what they've been missing. I will be releasing the first song tomorrow. So I need everyone's support threw out this mission because we are about to change something's around in this industry!!! #goodmusic #sony #ivystate #TIG #blueprint #maverick #brooklynknights."

Cyhi's journey to his debut LP has been a long one. Back in 2009, the talented MC started to gain attention thanks to his work with DJ Greg Street under the moniker Prynce Cyhi. Cyhi reached greater heights when he linked up with Kanye West and signed to G.O.O.D. Music in 2010.

In the subsequent years, Cyhi continued to release solo mixtapes while mainly writing for Kanye. He appeared on Yeezy's hit single "So Appalled," but never got the opportunity to release a proper album.

Cyhi's frustrations boiled over in 2015 when he released a track called "Elephant in the Room." The record appeared to be a diss towards his label, but Cyhi would stress that he still had a great relationship with Kanye. That proved to be true as Cyhi continued to work with Kanye on his latest projects.

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