It looks like CyHi The Prynce and Kanye West have the G.O.O.D. Music factory gearing up for another musical explosion.

Speaking with XXL, CyHi reveals that he and ’Ye have put their heads together in the studio to cook up some new heat for various projects, with one of those LPs being his next solo effort.

"Me and [Kanye] are working on a few albums," says CyHi. "So you'll be getting them by the end of the summer. Also, my solo album as well. So, I've just been collecting all my pieces on the game board so when I present it, everybody sees it in a beautiful light. This is going to be five times better than my first album."

For the unfamiliar, CyHi's debut album, No Dope on Sundaysdropped in November of 2017. Packed with electric wordplay, autobiographical detail and features from Kanye ("Dat Side"), Travis Scott ("I'm Fine"), 2 Chainz ("Trick Me") and more, the LP earned plenty of critical acclaim. Now, he's looking ahead to his next offering.

Having just moved to L.A., CyHi is knee-deep in creating his next opus, which should be the first in what should be an overflow of new music from his side. "I'm looking to do three albums in the next 14 months," says the rapper.

While he's been toiling away on the first of his new albums, he hasn't yet concocted a title for it. "Right now, we're like down to three [titles] but got to pick we got to pick," CyHi discloses. "But once we finish off the album, we can kind of feel which title fits better than others."

When he's not putting together his own musical works, the Stone Mountain, Ga. rhymer is transferring his creative energy to whatever projects he's helping Kanye create. For these upcoming albums, which may include Kanye's own Yandhi, CyHi is taking on the role of songwriter ("A lot of people don't know, but I do a lot of songwriting")—or, as he'd put it, a helper.

"I just help," explains CyHi, who technically departed Def Jam a few years ago but remains closely tied to the G.O.O.D. Music fam. "I feel like I don't really write songs. I really just help artists kind of convey their message that they want to convey to the world."

CyHi doesn't get too specific about which artists' projects he and Kanye are working on—he says he can't disclose the identities of the folks involved—but he does confirm that he's helping out with Yeezy's solo album, which may or may not be Yandhi. He also says he and Kanye are planning to follow a rollout plan similar to the one used for the spring of 2018. If you recall, G.O.O.D. Music/Def Jam released Pusha-T's Daytona, Teyana Taylor's Keep That Same Energy, Nas' Nasir, Kanye's joint album with Kid Cudi, Kids See Ghosts, and of course Kanye's album ’Ye from May 2018 to June 2018.

While CyHi doesn't say whether his work with ’Ye will end up on the highly anticipated Yandhi album or on his own solo LP, he does confirm that we should getting new music "in less than three months."

Here's to another G.O.O.D. summer.

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