Dressed in a jheri curl wig, tight leather pants and a red shirt, Common does his best Lionel Richie impression on Spike TV's Lip Sync Battle. Going head-to-head against John Legend, who performed a rendition of MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This," Common nails Richie's 1983 hit "All Night Long." Flashing a huge smile, Common dances around the stage, playing up to the crowd before he gets down and channels his inner B-boy with a few breakdance moves. The Chicago MC has certainly come a long way since the "Bitch In Yoo" days.

Not to be outdone by Common, John Legend came out in Hammer pants, a gold chain and a multi-colored jacket with no shirt on underneath to perform MC Hammer's hit. With his wife Chrissy Teigen watching from the DJ booth, Legend nails all of Hammer's dance moves while the crowd goes crazy. Who had the better performance? We gotta give it to Common based on that ridiculous wig. Give it a watch and decide who's worthy of the dub.

Common's on-screen career is really starting to take off. In April alone the rapper was rumored to be a part of a new Spike Lee movie, casted alongside Elizabeth Banks and Dakota Fanning in Every Secret Thing and added to Suicide Squad, a DC Comics film that has a star studded cast. Common already has an Oscar for his music, now it appears he is trying to add one for his acting.