Common has had arguably the biggest year of his career but during one of his biggest moments, he took a near unforgivable L.  After being announced as the winner for Best Original Song for "Glory," his duet with John Legend from the film Selma, at the 2015 Oscars, an overjoyed common snubbed Oprah as she tried to give him a high-five when he was walking up to accept his award. The clip went viral and when Common appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night, he got the chance to explain himself.

"You're just so in the moment," said Common. "I saw David Oyelowo first and I was going for him. I was wondering if Oprah was really facing John so I didn't know if that high-five was for me or for John, so I just went safe. I made sure I talked to her the next day (laughs). We talked the next day and I told her, 'You know I wasn't tryin' to play you out, right?' Never leave Oprah hanging."

Common and John Legend have cleaned up at the awards shows with their song 'Glory.' In January, the duo won a Golden Globe for Best Original Song and performed the song at the Grammys. Along with the Oscar nod, Legend and Common also hit the stage to give a powerful performance of the song.