On Saturday, CNN anchor Don Lemon offered his stance to Bill O’ Reilly of Fox News’ criticism of crime within the African American community. This was one of Reilly’s ongoing rants of the race problem in the wake of the verdict of the Trayvon Martin vs. George Zimmerman trial.

Lemon came to the defense of O'Reilly, saying he “doesn’t go far enough” and listed five tips for Black Americans to improve their quality of life. He said they should stop wearing baggy pants, dropping out of school, littering in their neighborhood, using the n-word and having children out of wedlock. Additionally, he made comments that put blame on hip-hop, imposing the genre profits from “thug and reprehensible” behavior.

Subsequently, Lemon moderated a panel discussion, where his participants ripped into his commentary. Global Grind editor-in-chief Michael Skolnick responded to Lemon’s critique with a strong point. “You’re talking about sagging pants. I’ve heard this rap for years. Let’s stop talking about sagging pants, and let’s talk about why we incarcerate 2.2 million people in this country, and why young kids look up to guys who come out of jail.”

Lemon countered with whether it’s a Black kid, a White Kid or Justin Bieber, they are “glorifying prison culture.” Skolnick immediately responded with the music is a representation of society. “Don’t break the mirror, look at yourself,” he stated.

Watch Lemon’s commentary above, and the panel discussion that ensued below.

[via RawStory]

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