Chaz French unloads a gem of a visual for "Hol' Up," a standout Shy Glizzy-assisted cut from his recently released True Colors album.

The new video from Three Six Eight is a colorfully trippy one, with bright colors laced throughout. The scene consists mostly of French and Glizzy, two DMV-bred artists, looking cool as they parlay with beautiful women and sit atop or in front of flossy whips and delicious-looking dinners.

The song itself acts as a sort of soundtrack to French's life, as it finds the rapper spitting about his come-up and living lavish. "Look, I did this shit for the hoes, I did this shit for the youth/I did this shit for the gang gang, I did this shit for the wave/All of you new niggas sound the same, you cannot say this don’t sound the same/When they hear this, they gon' feel a way unless/I add a Zan or lean and $100k," he spits on the track.

Speaking with us back in September, French said making True Colors was like pressing a reset button for his life. "I mean, you go through a lot of things in life to where I think people think starting over is a bad thing," he revealed. "It’s not. It’s just like turning the PlayStation off, and then turning it back on and having a memory card. Starting over is not bad at all—that was actually a great analogy; I saw it in your face [laughs]. It’s just me starting over, and me accepting me for who I really am. Not everybody else, it’s just more so for me. Chaz, this is who you are and accept it. Fuck it. Fuck it all. Risk it all."

Check out French's "Hol' Up" video with Shy Glizzy below.

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