Well God damn. Chance The Rapper just posted a couple clips on Instagram previewing a new collab he's got coming with Future, and it sounds insane. Watch the footage below.

Chance captioned the post with #mypeak, leading us to believe that's the name of the song, though that's still unclear. What is clear is that over mournful pianos, Future sounds terrific, and in the second clip you can hear a bit of Chance's verse: "I don't wanna hear about no masters, I just hit my pastor, it's faster."

A year ago, Chance posted a picture with Super Future to his Instagram, leading some to believe a collab might be on the way. Now we know it is.

Chance is finally at work on his official debut album, as he told DJ Semtex in an interview last year. "My mixtapes have been confused for albums for a long time, so it has to be something different," he said about the project at the time. "Something that you could consider an album… it might not be physical, it might not be a disc or something, but an album that comes with its own live show.”

"My Peak" could end up on that album, or it could end up on another Future project. Only time will tell.

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