Chance the Rapper's Coloring Book has been out for just under a week, and it remains the topic of conversation within rap and music circles. Capitalizing on that collective attention paid his way, Chance is holding some sort of event titled "Magnificent Coloring World" which he describes on Twitter as "not what you think."

While details regarding the event have been cryptic at best, Chance has published a few tweets in reference to it, writing, "Dear Chicago, I have something special for you this Saturday, not what you think it is... Chicago go to and scroll down... #magnificentcoloringworld not what you think." What one might first presume is that the event is a performance or a concert so it seems safe to rule that out. On the rapper's webpage, tickets, which are already sold out, range from $40 to $60 with options such as "All Ages Experience #1" and "21+ Experience." The event is slated to take place from 2 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. this Saturday, May 21, in Chicago.

Considering the associations made between Kanye West and Chance, Kanye being on the mixtape's opening track and Chance commenting on 'Ye's influence via social media just yesterday, it's hard not to be instantly be reminded of Kanye's own album release/fashion event at Madison Square Garden this past February. While Magnificent Coloring World will surely be a different beast, the idea of artists redefining listener experience through unconventional live means is likely to be furthered. In fact, it wouldn't at all be surprising to learn that Kanye had a hand in conceptualizing the event or inspired it.

Check Chance's tweets below, though as previously mentioned, his website indicates all tickets have already been sold.

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