Releasing a mixtape every bit as tailored as an album, and doing so without a major label's support or conventional music purchasing mediums, Chance the Rapper is no doubt defining the new rules applicable to independent artist's, and he's making history in the process.

As Billboard reports, Chance's Coloring Book is the first work to debut within the top 10 on the Album 200 charts solely off streaming.

Receiving streams that equal 38,000 album sales, Coloring Book debuts at No. 8 on the Billboard 200 chart, with its tracks having been streamed 57.3 million times as an Apple Music exclusive. The project will remain an Apple Music exclusive until May 27, when it will be made available on other streaming services. As of now, there is no announced plan to release it for sale, either as a physical copy or otherwise.

In that way, Chance's moves slightly mirror Kanye West's, who at one point had announced the CD dead and contemplated not releasing his The Life of Pablo on any physical form altogether. He eventually wavered, telling paparazzi that there was a concentrated effort to emphasize Tidal early on.

Just as Chance appears on the opening track of West's album, so too does West appear at the top of Coloring Book. If there is any baton passing or sharing of wisdom between the two, it is resulting in Chance's benefit, as his most recent release continues to soar with flying colors.

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