ITS AN ADVENTURE. Coming soon to theatre near you...

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Chance The Rapper fans are restless. Sure, there was Surf, the dense, reverent album from his creative collective, The Social Experiment. But nothing he's done in the last two years has hearkened back to Acid Rap, his star-making turn from 2013, or to his breakthrough mixtape, 10 Day. His decision to recede into the background instead of force his way onto every television screen in the country might have upped his stock, but it's left a lot to be desired in the way of accessibility. Fortunate for them, the new father is headed on a month-long, 27-date tour. Dubbed the Family Matters Tour (and featuring as-of-yet unnamed special guests), the jaunt will take him through the heartland and up either coast. No word yet on whether he'll be debuting music from his forthcoming collaboration album with Berkeley-born spiritual leader Lil B. You can purchase tickets and see the list of venues right here.

October 11: Austin, Texas
October 13: St. Louis, Mo.
October 14: Kansas City, Mo.
October 15: Minneapolis, Minn.
October 16: Milwaukee, Wis.
October 18: Detroit, Mich.
October 19: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
October 21: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
October 22:Philadelphia, Pa.
October 23: New York, N.Y.
October 27: Boston, Mass.
October 29: Richmond, Va.
October 31: Live Oak, Fla.
November 1: New Orleans, La.
November 2: Atlanta, Ga.
November 5: St. Petersburg, Fla.
November 7: Miami, Fla.
November 8: Orlando, Fla.
November 9: Raleigh, N.C.
November 10: Charlotte, N.C.
November 12: Houston, Texas
November 13: Dallas, Texas
November 15: Albuquerque, N.M.
November 16: Denver, Colo.
November 17: Salt Lake City, Utah
November 23: San Diego, Calif.
November 24: Los Angeles, Calif.