Following her break-out role on Vh1's Love & Hip Hop, this past March, Cardi B unveiled her debut mixatpe, Gangsta Bitch Music Vol 1.The effort was matched with what many deemed as unexpected praise and shined light on her blossoming MC skills. The tape went viral with hundreds of thousands of downloads and the lead single, "Foreva," has nearly two million plays on soundcloud. With all of the attention, it's safe to say that Cardi B's rhyming skills deserved a closer look.

"I always thought if I get on reality TV, people wouldn't take my music serious," Cardi said in the sit-down above with XXL. "I've been working on my music for a whole year. I've actually got a whole lot of music that nobody has heard. I've got like 50 tracks." She then went on to express that even though the mixtape served its purpose, her best material is not included on it. "I just picked the ones that I thought were funny and cool. Not the bangers," she explained of the songs on Gangsta Bitch Music Vol 1.

As Cardi is currently gearing up for her second season on Love & Hip Hop, she is also said to be working on releasing more music material. Watch above as Cardi B bears all while speaking her music career, caring for her family and more.

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