For the second installment of Can I Kick It series, we chop it up Kid Ink about his pair of Air Yeezy 2s that he recently sported at our offices:

Honestly the biggest thing besides--. What happens is, at home they be in the box a lot, because they're really rare. But I had to pull them out because for some reason I do more walking in New York than ever, so they charge up in the light and I actually get to see them glow when I got back into elevators or whatever. I've been seeing them glow more than ever all day today. So I've been getting pumped and taking pictures and stuff like that, because in L.A. you don't really get to see it glow like that. I don't know if the sun is different or what, you just don't get that charge time. I've honestly worn these like four times. They're low-key my favorite shoes, until I get the Yeezy 1's. I like the Yeezy 1's better, they look more like the Son of Mars', and those are one of my favorites.

When: April 30, 2012

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