Cam'ron clapped back at Taxstone. Killa Cam was upset after the podcast personality called the Dipset rapper a snitch in a recent interview with DJ Vlad.

In the interview, Taxstone argued that Cam'ron was snitching on the Jay Z diss track "You Gotta Love It." Taxstone said that Cam's line "the n---a throw that diamond up before them shots was fired" was snitching. The aforementioned lyric refers to a 2005 failed carjacking in Washington, D.C. which resulted in Cam being shot in both of his arms.

Cam'ron went on Instagram to explain that snitching involves paperwork that sends someone to jail. Cam stated that it is "not what you hear on some rap song." The rapper also said that he actually went to jail in the aftermath of the 2005 shooting because he did not snitch. The Dipset MC stated that he was in violation of his probation by being in D.C. at the time.

The Harlem native concluded his message by telling Taxstone to stop worrying about Cam'ron and get his own life together. He also posted the following caption with the Instagram video.

"I'm not even gonna say a n---a name," Cam'ron wrote. "But I'm wit the shits my n---a.. Get off my dick. Lol. And get to da money. #UfinishOrYouDone and stop try and dis Tupac."

After hearing Cam'ron's message, Taxstone did respond to the Purple Haze rapper.

"I genuinely like Cam'ron but if he keep talking he gone be on the get the shit smacked out of you list also," Taxstone wrote on Twitter.

This burgeoning issue between the two seems like it is far from over.

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