This past Saturday (Aug. 15), the New York Times ran a scathing expose on the workplace practices of the Seattle-based online retail giant Amazon. From broad, systemic problems (there's not a single woman on the executive leadership team) to unforgettable images (employees report seeing each and every one of their coworkers crying at his or her desk), Amazon is revealed to be an unspeakably brutal place to work, one that had no sympathy for its employees' personal hardships. To wit, the most widely circulated details from the Times piece come from Amazon's human resources department, which allegedly reprimands and places on probation employees who are going through breast cancer treatment or who have just given birth to stillborn babies. News of Amazon's practices has led some commentators to reconsider the nature of the American workplace; as for Larry Wilmore and his staff at The Nightly Show, they take a more cutting approach.

Last night (Aug. 17), the show welcomed back Cam'ron, who had previously appeared on a panel to define (and presumably, eradicate) snitching. In a pre-taped skit, Cam plays Comedy Central's human resources guru. Cam advises a worker made uncomfortable by his female colleague's advances to "nut up and run with it"; when a producer says he wants Cam's help firing a writers' assistant, the Diplomat says, "I'll take care of what needs to be fucking done," hits the intercom, and asks for $20,000 from petty cash to be dropped at a mailbox in Flatbush. No word on the office's new dress code.