Eighteen years later, fans might finally receive a Paid in Full sequel.

On Tuesday (May 12), during an Instagram live interview with Pandora's J1, Cam'ron shared that talk of a follow-up for the movie Paid in Full has begun.

"These are conversations that we talked about in the last few months," Cam'ron began. "Actually, a couple hours ago, something we talked about pertaining [to] Paid in Full 2. I don't wanna say 100 percent 'yes,' but we're definitely in the talks about doing something similar to Paid in Full 1. It's definitely a conversation going on right now about that, 100 percent."

Paid in Full came out in 2002 and is the story of Ace (played by actor Wood Harris), a young man employed at a Harlem dry cleaning shop in the late 1980s, who meets a drug dealer while making deliveries that convinces Ace to join him. Ace recruits his friends Mitch (Mekhi Phifer) and Rico (Cam'ron), and the three friends become significant players in Harlem's drug game. However, their work eventually begins to put a strain on their friendships as money and loyalty tests their boundaries.

The Roc-A-Fella Films-produced picture earned $3.1 million at the box office and has since become a hip-hop cult classic. Though mention of the sequel has been tossed around for years, this is the first time a sequel seems like it could potentially come to fruition. Additionally, if the film does get green lit, there is no telling when the movie will begin filming since all film production has been paused due to COVID-19.

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