Nardwuar got a chance to interview Cam'ron when the Purple Haze rapper came through Vancouver on the 2016 Smokers Club Tour. As you might expect, this conversation provided a lot of great quotes. One in particular was Cam'ron's story about his audition for 2002 film Paid in Full. Killa Cam told Nardwuar that he took a real gun to the audition which brought the whole thing to a halt.

"When I went to my audition, I went to audition with a real gun," Cam'ron said. "That's how bad I wanted the part. You know what's crazy? I was telling somebody the other day that I'm really trying to get my audition tape. Because when I was working with the other person reading the part, I pulled out a real gun and everybody shut the whole like audition down."

Earlier on in their talk, Nardwuar asked if Cam'ron used rap lyrics for his elementary school graduation speech. The Harlem rapper said he did rap the whole speech and even spit some of the lines he could remember.

Another gem came when Cam'ron reminisced about how he got the beat for "Oh Boy." The Dispet rapper said he and Juelz Santana stole the beat from Just Blaze, who was quite upset about the situation.

"We just stole this from Just," Cam'ron said. "We took it. He didn't wanna give it to us. Juelz convinced me to just take the shit from him. It was a CD in the studio and shit. It was Just Blaze on there and the nigga Just was like, 'Don't take my beats.' And we was like, 'We're gonna take your beat.' We took it and put it on the radio. It was hot. Just was actually really mad about that, that we did that. That's my mans though."

Check out the entire interview above to hear Cam'ron's memories of Big L, McGruff, Mase and Loon as well as his recollections of his days as a high school basketball standout.

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