About 10 years ago, Cam'Ron infamously proclaimed that he wouldn't alert authorities if he found out he was living next to a serial killer. Well, drastic times call for drastic measures, and President Trump's newly minted status as the leader of the free world has apparently caused Killa Cam to have a change of heart.

During an appearance on The Daily Show, the Purple Haze MC acted in a hilarious skit encouraging snitches everywhere to do everything in their power to expose Trump's alleged wrongdoings.

In the vid, Cam first clarifies that he is, in fact, from the streets where snitching isn't usually condoned. He then launches into a funny PSA. "Times changed. With Donald Trump as president, y’all snitches have a civic-ass responsibility to tell us what he’s up to," Cam says in the video.

He continues, "So, if you’re a member of the intelligence community, a government bureaucrat, or a disgruntled third wife who didn’t sign up for any of this shit, tell the world what you know, ’cause from now on, snitches get riches.” You can peep the skit for yourself below.

Jokes aside, Killa Cam is far from being the only rapper who has a problem with President Trump. Recently, Chance The Rapper voiced his concern about the new president's plans for his hometown of Chicago.

“It sounds like he was announcin’ he was going to war with Chicago,” Chance said of the president's claims that he'd send the FEDs into the Windy City if the crime rates don't go down. “I don’t like to look at shit through that lens.”

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