By 2001, Cam’ron had already released at least one gold-selling album and made himself a pretty legitimate rap star. The thing is, he also managed to go broke. In a new interview with MReck TV, Killa Cam reveals that he was down to his last dime when he signed to Roc-A-Fella Records 16 years ago.

"After two albums I was pop," Luckily, he managed to find some sort of opportunity in Ohio and he received a check for $10,000. Not-so-luckily, he lost it.

"I was in front of Baseline [studios]. I lost the $10,000 check," Cam continues before admitting he'd spent his other money on trivial things, like gambling. "Yo, we in front of the studio, I'm dead pop, I just signed to Roc-A-Fella, but I'm dead pop. I done gambled, did all type of shit, I'm dead pop. I found [an] Ohio lick though, but I got a check out the blue for 10,000. I lost it."

Cam goes on to say he and Freaky Zeeky were searching through the street, and luckily, Zeeky found it underneath a car nearby. Needless to say, things eventually worked out for Cam and company, and, as far as we know, he hasn't been broke since. In 2002 he dropped his sophomore album, Come Home With Me, which was eventually certified platinum.

Check out the entirety of Killa Cam recounting his brief stint as a broke artist in the two videos below.

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