Cam’ron released the fourth installment of his monthly 1st Of The Month EPs on Oct. 1. On Vol. 4, Killa Cam gives listeners a short, but solid piece of work that touches on topics such as women (“Snapped,” “Baby Ain’t Mine,” “F*ckin' Hater”), his career (“Killa’s Cry”), and the streets (“3rd Floor Flow”).

The Harlem native starts off the EP with his semi-autobiography-like track, “Killa’s Cry” and guides listeners through his career in rap. Immediately, Cam commands attention when he raps that he was only 14 years old when he was featured on Big L’s album. Then, Cam alleges that his former Children Of The Corn member, Ma$e, didn’t put him on when he signed a deal with Bad Boy Records. The ominous beat on “Killa’s Cry” matches Cam's gripping story.

Despite Cam’ron’s limited subject matter, he packs enough wittiness and humor to keep fans anticipating his amusing and deadly style of flow. This is executed perfectly on the 2 Chainz-assisted, “Snapped.” Over a wailing soul sample, Killa and Tity Boi find themselves trying to swerve an obsessed shawty. Although Chainz isn't as lyrical as Cam, he held his own with an uncanny delivery, making his metaphors hit hard.“Flipped out like a lawn chair / Took her to the psychiatrist, baby, you belong here,” he spits. Cam and Chainz work mesh really well and it shows on "Snapped."

While the first half of the EP holds up, the second doesn't deliver. "Baby Ain't Mine" and "F*ckin' Hater" find Cam making lackluster attempts at singing about his dislike for women. If “Dumb Bitch” from Vol. 3 wasn't enough of him talking crazy, these should be added to the growing list of songs. The problem lies that these aren't on par to what fans have heard in the past.

1st Of The Month, Vol. 4 concludes with the bass knocking track “3rd Floor Flow,” which finds Cam getting down and dirty like the Harlem streets during Alpo and Rich Porter days. It's an excellent conclusion to Vol.4, despite the EP's minor mishaps. Just like the previous installments (read our reviews of Vol. 1, Vol. 2 and Vol. 3), the project leaves fans wanting more from the Dipset honcho. Until next month.—Darryl Robertson

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