In late July, British fashion brand Burberry sued Burberry Perry because of his moniker and mixtape cover, which features the company's plaid pattern and knight logo. Now, a judge has officially ordered the Atlanta producer to change his stage name, according to TMZ.

One day after the lawsuit was initially served, Burberry Perry announced he'd change his name to The Good Perry. The judge's decision means Perry has to remove all 'Burberry' references from social media and take out 'Burberry Perry' from his songs.

According to TMZ, the case is ongoing, and the Sailing Team member hasn't lost yet. But the momentum is shifting toward the clothing brand, as the judge granted its request for the preliminary injunction. If Perry ends up winning the case, then he can keep his original moniker. For now, though, he'll be known as The Good Perry. In case you missed it, check out Perry's self-titled EP, which dropped this past May.

Burberry fears that people may think Perry is linked or sponsored by the brand, because of his stage name and general aesthetic. The company sued Perry after he ignored their cease-and-desist letters.

In a similar situation, rapper Rolls Royce Rizzy lost a lawsuit to the luxury car company back in March. Interestingly, Gucci Mane has never been in legal trouble, despite his blatant use of the fashion brand's name.

You can view a few of Burberry Perry's - err - The Good Perry's tweets from late July below. Keep it locked to XXL for more Burberry Perry news.

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