Buckshot is a successful entrepreneur and he's proven that time and time again with his independent label, Duck Down Records, but now Buckshot has entered a new business venture, and has created a brand new sneaker company called Triple Threat.

"We wanted to provide different options for the youth with this sneaker line since when we were growing up we had several options to getting fly, so with Triple Threat we want to introduce a new footwear to the public that's fresh and fly, as well as affordable."

Hip hop artists have been known to have their own sneakers in the past, but the difference between those and Buckshot's new line is that the other artists had to collaborate with a major footwear brand to release their shoe to the public, while Buckshot is taking a chance by owning a footwear company.

"This was a challenge for me. I wanted to bring something new to the streets. The drive of this whole thing is to introduce the new fly which is owning businesses -- Own a shoe company, own a different business that no one is into. That's what I want people to get from my business."

For Buck and his business partner, Dan, Triple Threat is a new option of footwear for the youth, with its innovative designs and affordable prices. Looking to stay at a standard rate, Buck and Dan believe that Triple Threat prices will help them in the long run because of the great quality of the shoes.

"The shoes are all retailed at $75 USD, so everyone is happy. I want to put restrictions on the pricing in case it does take off at retail stores because I want my shoe to be $75 USD forever, affordable for the public."

Ranging from basketball sneakers to hip hop themed silhouettes, TripleThreat has an array of designs that cater to different individuals in sports and lifestyle.

"We are footwear development company. We have a lifestyle division, we have a boxing division, we have a basketball shoe division. We pretty much cover all bases, and look to continue expanding with our sneaker line. We also focus our designs around cats in the East Coast with the ruggedness in our basketball shoes, and we show love to our people out in the West coast with the more laid back silhouette, so there's something for everyone with Triple Threat."

Triple Threat is rapidly growing as a business and being supported by some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment. Several basketball players and hip hop icons have been seen sporting the Triple Threat silhouette, striking curiosity with sneakerheads that are looking for the next cool and refreshing sneaker in the market.

"I really want people to look at the shoes like this is the next big thing. I can already tell you that Russell Simmons has this shoe, Terry Crews has this shoe, Action Bronson has this shoe, Don Lemon has this shoe, Anthony Mason has this shoe, and the list can go on. It's definitely growing and picking up with the youth, we just want to spread the word out even more on Triple Threat"

The Triple Threat line is a great option for sneakerheads to look into. The aesthetic of the shoe and the vibrant colors of that Triple Threat brings to the table is refreshing and for the balance of the sneaker market. Check out some of the designs currently available from Triple Threat at their Kickstarter website and the gallery above.