We don't know if you've heard yet, but Bryson Tiller season has arrived a month early. Shortly before dropping his True to Self album last night, Tiller's unveiled a new visual, this one for "Somethin Tells Me," a smooth, contemplative track that finds the crooner considering the inevitable end of his current romance. 

The new video sees Tiller playing the role of a photographer, taking photos of beautiful models on a beach before returning to the dark room to examine his work. After he's finished looking at each new picture, he posts it on the dark room wall before gazing at his gallery.

It appears Tiller's either evaluating potential girlfriends or admiring his old ones. Considering the content of the track itself, which is about Tiller feeling his relationship won't last for too much longer, it could be either or. In the second verse of the song, we learn that Tiller's girlfriend suspects he's been cheating and that he could very well be playing a big role in their dissolving relationship. 

"You ain't never really felt love 'til you slept with me/I'm busy, it's no wonder you upset with me/You found a Magnum inside of my bag/Don't know how to explain this/That was in there way before we started dating/This the only music I hate facing, oh," he croons on the track.

Tiller exploded onto the scene two years ago when he released Trap Soul, a smooth combination of hip-hop and R&B stylings that had everyone mesmerized. Now he's back with True to Self, an album that should do the same. You can cop it on iTunes now. 

Peep Tiller's new visual for "Somethin Tells Me" below.

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