Bryson Tiller just wrapped his 34 city T R A P S O U L tour this past weekend with a show in his hometown of Louisville. The singer got a special honor that day (March 12) as his hometown gave him the key to the city. That was not all as the city of Louisville also declared that March 12 was Bryson Tiller Day.

Video of Bryon Tiller's special day was captured and can be seen below. The Kentucky native also got a special visit at the show from Detroit rapper Big Sean, who wanted to show his support for Tiller. It's been a tremendous journey for Tiller, who told XXL about how he taught himself to sing at a young age.

"[I listened to] a lot of R. Kelly," Tiller told XXL. "My uncle used to play like 112, Dru Hill and all those super ’90s R&B groups. Then I got into Omarion. That’s when I was like, aight cool, I want to sing now. So I started teaching myself how to sing. I started mimicking what I heard on the songs and stuff and I would try to do it. I never really sang before that. When I heard all the stuff my uncle was playing and Omarion’s debut album, it made me want to get serious. I would record into a recording device and play it back, just trying to get better and better. I was the only person at first and then eventually I would sing for my little brother."

For more on Bryon Tiller's meteoric rise, check out XXL's Show and Prove feature on the singer.

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