Fat Trel With Frenchie

"One of the reporters said it was my entourage, they said they seen me come in with the people that did it. I'm getting funny vibes, I don't want niggas to—I got a lot of phone calls of people calling me, I'm so glad that XXL called me."

Last night at  Fat Trel’s official NYC “SDMG” (Sex, Drugs, Money, Guns) mixtape release show at SOB’s in Manhattan, four people were shot in what the New York Post is describing as a gang-related incident. According to the Post, three men and a woman were injured and taken to the hospital after four or five shots were fired following an argument which allegedly started when a New Jersey member of the Bloods gang insulted New York City.

Frenchie, member of Bricksquad Monopoly, was at the venue and wants to make it clear that BSM was not involved in the shooting. He spoke to XXL and stated, "For the record, too, it was not my entourage, I don't have no problems with Fat Trel. That wasn't my entourage. I don't want nobody saying nothing like, 'it was Frenchie's niggas doing this.' I want to clear this now. I want to put it out there, Fat Trel you my man, you my nigga."

When asked how was how was the scene before the shooting, he says, "I think it was just miscommunication. People were arguing and you know how an argument go, you know what niggas do, and niggas do what they do. I was on the side, I was iight, I wasn't ducking no bullets. Frenchie wasn't ducking no bullets. I didn't hit the floor, I didn't run, for what?"