Breakups can lead to a debilitating tough time of self-doubt and anger, and California rapper Boogie is working through a significant one through his music. That much is apparent in his new video for the song "Won't Be the Same."

As Boogie opens up the song, you're reminded that the story he's about to share with you centers around a reoccurring relationship for the last three projects that he had put out: Thirst 48, The Reach and Thirst 48: Pt. 2. For this track, Boogie details the thoughts that went through his mind before and after the breakup. He presents a stark contrast between the rosy version of what was going on compared to the painful outcome.

For his first verse, the camera slowly moves in on Boogie, who is standing shirtless with a hat and joggers on. As the camera slowly revolves around him and he begins to rap, a girl's hand slowly appears on his shoulder leading to a naked woman in his arms. The second verse continues as Boogie switches between almost ignoring the woman and sensually caressing her. This could symbolize the continuous cycle of good and bad times with his ex.

Right before the camera starts to revolve around Boogie one last time, he raps some of the last lines of the verse, "It's just a sad song but I ain't really sad, though." Once the camera returns to the front of Boogie, not only is the naked girl gone but Boogie's face is also warped to look different. This is the literal demonstration that Boogie hasn't been the same since that relationship.

You can watch the video for "Won't Be the Same" below. It comes off of his album Thirst 48: Pt. 2.

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